Vendor FAQ

How do I vend at Milk Mart?


Milk Mart prides itself in curating a unique, varied array of artists, makers, small businesses, demos, activities, and more at it's events; if any of those sound like you, then we want to hear from ya! Our open applications can always be found at

When will I know if I was accepted?


On average, we receive over 500 applications to our events-- which is both incredibly exciting, AND incredibly time consuming! You can expect to hear back no later than one month before the event. If you apply less than one month before the event, you can expect to hear back no later than one week before the event.

Milk Mart is generally fully booked 2-3 months in advance, so get those applications in as soon as possible!

Please refrain from emailing me to ask if there are updates. When there are updates, I will let you know! I receive so many emails asking for status updates when there are none, it becomes very time consuming to answer them all. If you are wondering if I received your application, please visit the application page for the event you are curious about; if you've already submitted, the form will tell you!

If you haven't heard back, please check your Spam or Promotional folders in your email. We utilize MailChimp to streamline our communications; it's imperative that you add my email address ( to your contacts to ensure that you receive them!

How can I tell if I applied for an event or not?


You can see if you've applied to an event or not by visiting the application page for the event you are curious about; if you've already submitted, the form will tell you! They are set to only allow one application per email address.

How big are the vendor spaces?


We have two different sizes for our spaces; 10'x10' spaces with no coverage that require a tent, and sidewalk spaces that average about 4' deep and 8' long under the building's awning, which do not require a tent. On the application, you get to pick which type of space you'd prefer, or if you have no preference! Then, when the map goes out the week before the event, you'll be alerted as to which type of space you've been selected for.

Can I request a certain spot?


Yes! With Milk Mart's Pick-a-Spot feature, you are able to pay to select which place on the map you'd like to be. If you don't need a specific space, but would just like to be next to a friend, put it under the Special Requests section of your application, or email us ASAP to let us know; we do our best to accommodate putting friends next to each other!

Is power available?


Power is only available only for specialty setups, for an additional fee. Power will not be provided for lights, fans, heaters, etc, but can be provided on a case-by-case basis for specialty setups like live printing or photobooths. If a vendor is seen plugging in any unapproved devices, they will be charged a $500 fee to the card we have on file.

Do you allow booth sharing?


Yes; in fact, we encourage it! If you are unable to afford the full booth fee, don't feel you could fill an entire tent space, or just want to share the fun with your best pal, you're more than welcome to, as long as you can fit it all in a 10x10 space. Just remember to add them to your application!

Are tables/chairs/tents/furniture provided?


No furniture will be provided; vendors are required to bring all their own displays, tables, chairs, tents, etc!

When will I receive the map/day-of details?


The map and day-of details will be sent out the Saturday before the event. We have been working hard to get it delivered earlier in the week, but at the latest, you can expect it the morning before!

I've sold out of product, can I leave early?


No, all vendors are required to remain set up for the duration of the event, even if you sell out. This is to ensure that the event remains full the whole time, and doesn't confuse other vendors or guests who may see a vendor leaving and think the event is ending early! But, more importantly, it is a safety precaution, so we don't have any large furniture moving or cars on the lot while guests are present.

If you sell out and would like to walk away from your booth, we recommend lowering your tent legs and putting up a "Sold out!" sign.

Someone contacted me about available Milk Mart spots; can I trust them?


No! The only person you should EVER talk to about Milk Mart is Ashley Hallenbeck, via the official Milk Mart pages on Instagram and Facebook (@milkmartorlando), or her email address, No one else is authorized to sell spaces or take money on behalf of the event. Don't get scammed! And if you aren't sure; DM the Milk Mart (@milkmartorlando) Instagram page or email Ashley at

Milk Mart is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Ashley Hallenbeck, the businesses of The Milk District, and guests and vendors like you. See you real soon!
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